Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Valentines Day & Your Single ♡

Being single on V-Day is one of the worst thing, I have been there – unless you know some Valentine's Day tips for singles that are actually worth reading. I know that a lot of Valentine's Day tips for singles are pretty generic or don't really cater to the single folks! If you are single this V-Day, don't worry, I've got some great tips & tricks for you to enjoy your holiday and make it fun, no matter what!

Make It A Girls Night
Do you have a bunch of single ladies? That's awesome, why not make it a girls' night? This is one of those Valentine's Day tips for singles that can really be fun and can even become a tradition for you and your single girlfriends. Pick a bar, a night club or even just head out of your home to drive around! Planning a night in with your favorite flicks, snacks and cocktails is a great idea too!

Have A Ant-V-Day Party
If you have a bunch of friends that are single, both guys and girls, why not get them all together and have an anti-Valentine's Day party? It's actually really fun, girls! It's one of those parties that is specifically for people that aren't attached to anyone. So decorate with X'd out hearts and party on!

Family TimeAnother great alternative to doing something typical or romance-related on V-Day is to use it as a time to spend time with your family. Family time is always important, but it's hard to actually find the time to visit your family. So why not do it on a day that is all about love?

Attitude Counts
Your attitude is definitely a big portion of how you take Valentine's Day and how you act. If you are positive that you are going to have a great time on V-Day? Then you will! If you are down in the dumps about Valentine's Day? You'll have a bad time. Attitude counts!

Take Time To Yourself
Who knows, maybe you don't want to do anything on this particular day and you just want to take some time for yourself. That's okay too! You can get a facial, get your nails done and really pamper yourself. That way, when February 15th rolls around, you look beautiful!

Share The Love With Your Work
What about your office? Take it to the extreme and bring in some fantastic baked goods or even just make your lunch a little festive! This is a great time to spread the love and good fortune at the office. Your work friends will appreciate it!

Focus On Yourself
And finally, focus on yourself. Really think about yourself and find yourself. I know that I have jumped from relationship to relationship a couple times and never really found myself – until now. Focusing on yourself is so important, especially during a time when it's all about love! Love yourself.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Have More Energy As A Mom ♡

One thing that moms need more of is energy. As a mom you’re surrounded by little people who seem to have energy in huge quantities. Meanwhile, you’re fighting exhaustion and just trying to get through the day. As mom's we go through a lot. If this sounds familiar then these are some ways you can do to have more energy as a mom.

Get Ready For The Day
This works well for me and I think a lot of you will be able to relate. Getting ready for the day gives me energy. This means getting my shower, doing my hair and makeup and getting dressed in real clothes before the clock passes eight or nine. And generally, the earlier the better. You feel more energetic when you've taken time to get ready for the day.

ExerciseYou’d think that exercising would tire you out and it can, but that doesn't usually hit you till later in the day. Exercise can give you awesome bursts of energy. In fact, I've found that taking time for exercise doesn't make me less productive; it actually helps me to get more done because I’m so energized afterward. There’s no specific exercise that works best at giving you energy. All different kinds of exercise can give this benefit.

Get Out Of The House
Sometimes you can stay home too much and get a bit of cabin fever. Then you don’t have the energy for anything. Getting out of the house can help you to feel more energetic as a mom. It’s nice to just get out and interact with other adults. It lifts your spirits and your energy level.

Drink Caffeine When Necessary
Caffeine isn’t necessarily the best answer when you’re feeling low on energy. The other options here are better choices. But sometimes you need to drum up some energy and caffeine is the quickest, easiest solution. It’s okay to have some caffeine for the energy boost as long as you don’t go overboard. There are even some studies that show that a daily cup of coffee has health benefits. The important thing is to not use caffeine excessively.

Get Enough Sleep
If you’re low on energy then chances are you’re tired. While there’re some times during that parenting years when you can expect to go without sleep, make it a goal to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. During the times when sleep is in short supply because you have a newborn or a sick child, make it a point to nap when your child does. When you get enough sleep you’ll feel better, your immune system will be stronger and you’ll have more energy. You’ll probably find that you’re a happier mom, too.

Take Your Vitamins
This is a small, simple thing that can boost your energy. It’s also something that doesn't take much time. Taking a multivitamin can help you to have more energy by filling in any nutritional gaps in your diet. There are also specific vitamins that can help with energy, too. Of course you should talk to your doctor before you take any new medications.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Show Your Love

Happy Thursday! I can't believe February is right around the corner, That means my favorite holiday, Valentines Day is coming 22 days left to figure out what your going to do for your husband, wife, or love ones. Recognizing your spouse needs and concerns is integral to sustain a healthy, happy relationship. Saying “I love you” is great, but showing “I love you,” really gets the point across. Small selfless acts, like the ones listed below, go a long way to showing you care.

Showing your love for your Guy:

  1. Plan a movie night – at home. Pick out a movie you’ll both enjoy, make some stove top popcorn and grab a few beers. Dim the lights and kick back. Make it a double feature for some extra R&R.
  2. Express gratitude. Tell your special guy why you’re thankful that he’s in your life. Try giving a concrete example of something that has improved because he is there.
  3. Give a massage. Everyone loves a good back rub, especially if they’re in a labor-intensive field or have just got back from a long business trip.
  4. Make a music playlist. Pull together a list of the top 10 songs you both love, like songs from your first date or wedding reception, or songs that make you laugh. And don't forget to throw in something by their favorite artist.
  5. Make a lunch date. Work life can be hectic, especially if you’re both holding down a 9 to 5. Making time to meet your significant other for lunch can be a nice break – and even help dissolve stress – during a busy day for both of you.

Showing your love for your Gal:

  1. If you have kids, plan ahead by hiring a sitter and scheduling dinner plans in advance. By taking care of these decisions, you cut out the stress for your significant other.
  2. Wash and clean the family vehicles. Whether you share a car or own separate cars, sprucing up your vehicles is a win-win for both of you.
  3. Give her a shout-out on social media. The majority of women use social media – particularly Facebook. By tagging her in a post that says, “I love (insert and tag name)” you’re affirming to her social circle the bond you share. Trust me, she’ll be more than surprised by this show of affection.
  4. Plan a meal cooked by you. Taking the time to make and bake a dish she'll enjoy shows you care about her health and comfort.
  5. Be thoughtfully generous with gift giving. Most women love jewelry and have their favorite pieces, such as necklaces or earrings, bracelets or rings. Surprise her by adding to that collection with a matching piece. Figure out which she prefers and go for it. If you are not sure what her taste is, visit her Pinterest board for wish list ideas (that's what my husband does, works like a charm). Not sure what Pinterest is and how it works? 
I will be posting lots of ideas for Valentines day,
stay tune :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to get rid of blackheads?

How to get rid of blackheads in the comfort of your own crib
Blackheads — the little bastards that never seem to go away, no matter how many pore strips I apply, no matter how obsessively I exfoliate my skin. It seems they've found a permanent home (my nose) and are refusing to vacate the premises. Well, sorry guys, but it's time to get the hell outta here and leave me and my noggin in peace.
I've been reading up on tried-and-true ways of minimizing blackheads and even preventing them from returning for good, and it seems extractions are the way to go. But if you can't afford to see a facialist this at-home trick below to unclog the pores. 
YOU'LL NEED- A piece of clear plastic- 2 small washcloths- Tissue- Moisturizer/balm (I use Vaseline)
1. It's best to do this once you've jumped out of the shower while your skin's temperature is higher as pores will be open, making it easier for you to extract dirt and grime.
2. Apply a thick coat of moisturizer to the area that needs to be treated to create a temporary seal, trapping the heat in the skin. Vaseline works well for this as a quick little skin salve.
3. Cover the area with a piece of Gladwrap and apply two hot, damp washcloths for five minutes to help the area retain its heat longer and soften the pores and blackheads.
4. Once the washcloths are removed, wrap a tissue over each forefinger and gently squeeze the skin where the blackheads are clogging your pores to remove them. Widen your fingers so the blackhead will be effectively removed from underneath. To avoid red marks, be gentle and keep re-positioning your fingers.
TIP: If the blackhead doesn't come out after three attempts, leave it to avoid breaking a capillary.
5. Follow up your extractions with skincare products containing acids, such as AHAs and BHAs, which absorb directly into the pores and keep them clean.
Blackheads be gone! Hope this helps!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Forgiving Yourself; Let It Go

First thing to do is to forgiving yourself is to realize that everyone makes mistakes. No one is immune to them because we're all human. No one will get through life without making mistakes. Realizing this can help you to not be so hard on yourself. Many people struggle in dealing with mistakes they've made but there's hope in moving past them for everyone.

Think about the place you were in life, It's good to think about the place your life was when you made the mistakes you're regretting. Maybe you were depressed or going through a difficult time. Maybe you were down on your luck and didn't know where to turn. You were probably just doing the best you could in the present circumstances. Try to be as understanding with yourself as you would be with someone else.

If there's a way to make amends for a mistake then that's a great thing to do. If you've hurt someone by something you said or did, there are specific things you can do to try to make amends. You can apologize to them or talk to them about what happened. Maybe it was a situation where there was fault on both sides. You can still apologize for your part even if they never do. If you've come to a point where you regret mistakes in your past then you've more than likely learned from them. You can look back at the things you've done and see what you could have done differently. This means you've learned your lessons. You've done all that you can about the situation. This should help you to reach a place of peace.

Looking ahead is always a good step and one that means you're doing well at forgiving yourself. You know you aren't going to repeat the same mistakes. You're going to be a better person because of them. You know that you've grown through the mistakes you've made. Your future is bright with possibilities. One thing to do to help yourself move on is to help others that are going through a similar situation. Maybe you can reach out to others doing the same things you did. Speaking about what you went through and why you behaved the way you did can get the attention of others. Whatever mistakes you made can be used for the good if you look for a way to do that. This'll make you feel better about yourself, too.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Favorite Starbucks Drinks ❤

I am a Starbucks lover! With so many delicious beverages, it might be hard to choose the best Starbucks drinks, but I can help! I am going to tell you my favorite Starbucks drinks you'll thoroughly enjoy! Whether you like coffee or tea, iced, or hot, these beverages, will definitely quench your thirst and keep you coming back for more!
I know I'm guilty of this! 

1. Chesnut Praline Latte
This one is a new holiday drink, and its amazing!! a must have! The Chestnut Praline is seriously addictive. I think it might be the perfect drink ever. If you haven'r tried this drink i consider stopping by Starbucks and grab one.

2. Passion Tea Lemonade This delicious drink is one of the best Starbucks drinks to enjoy! Half lemonade, half iced tea, kind of like an Arnold Palmer with a fruity, tropical twist! Made with half Passion tea and half lemonade the hibiscus, floral aroma of the tea will sure make your knees weak! This drink is perfect if your order it sweetened and shaken! Give it a try!

3. Iced Caramel Macchiato 
An iced caramel macchiato is perfect for strong coffee lovers! This gem has shots of espresso! I order this drink when I need to wake-up! I order it tall, iced caramel macchiato, extra caramel, layered. In English, that means a regular, tall coffee with extra caramel sauce. I would've just said it that way, but, in Batista lingo the other way is easier! 

4. Captain Crunch Frappuccino
If you love the cereal, you'll love the drink! This drink is made as a strawberries and creme frappuccino and a shot of caramel, two shots of toffee, one shot of hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chip are added to create this cereal blend! It definitely lives up to its name!

5. Hazelnut Chai
I simply can't drink a plain chai tea latte any more! Ever since I discovered how much better a chai latte was with one pump hazelnut added, I've been in love with this drink! The hazelnut makes the drink extra sweet and comforting, whether hot or iced!

6. Caramel Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino
This is by far one of the best drinks that Starbucks makes in the fall -- if you love pumpkin, you'll love this treat! It's a pumpkin spice frappuccino and all you need to do is ask for caramel syrup AND caramel drizzle in it. It's delish and ever-so-clever!

7. Pumpkin Spice
This is my favorite drink of all time! I always look forward to the crisp weather and walking outside at my local shopping center with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte in my hand. They make the best in this flavor- its not too sweet. 

Comment below & let me know your favorite Starbucks drinks :)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Working Mom

There are some wonderful benefits of being a working mom. Sometimes we get so bogged down in the guilt about working that we forget there are benefits of being a working mom. Let’s talk about them. Hopefully, it helps you remember that you have a lot of things going for you as a working mom.

You Aren't Isolated: When you are a stay at home mom, it can be very easy for isolation to set in. This is one of the hardest things about being a stay at home mom. But when you are a working mom, it is nearly impossible for this to happen. You are out amongst people almost daily and have many more opportunities to interact with others. This is one of the great benefits of being a working mom.

You Can Do More For Your Child: When you work, you typically have better finances at your disposal than if you are a stay at home mom. Although each situation is unique, this is generally the case. It is nice to be able to do things you want to do for your child, such as purchasing them clothes and toys you want them to have. You can also enjoy more experiences with them, such as outings and vacations that you may be able to afford because you work. It is nice to be able to do more for your child.

Your Life Has Balance: Being a working mom gives your life balance. Stay at home moms can sometimes struggle with balance because they are with their children so much. When you are a working mom, you have your time with your children and your adult time, too. You don’t usually get so wrapped up in your children that you lose your identity. That can happen easily when you are a stay at home mom.

You Can Take Care Of Yourself Too: If money gets tight in a family, most mothers will happily and lovingly sacrifice things they want and even need so their children have more. That is an admirable quality and one that most mothers are glad to perform. But it is always nice when you can afford to do things for yourself, too. Generally, working mothers are in a better position to do this. They may be able to enjoy having their nails done or going shopping with girlfriends because of the extra money their job brings in.

You Have More Opportunities To Make Friends:This goes hand in hand with being isolated as a stay at home mom. Stay at home moms can have fewer opportunities to make friends. Working moms are out among other adults daily and therefore have more chances to make friends. This is important. Friends are important at all ages and stages of life. I think it is especially important that women make a special effort to have close friends to support them through the parenting years.

You Really Treasure The Time With Your Child: Another thing about being a working mom is that you learn to really treasure the time you have with your child. You don’t take that time for granted. You enjoy it and anticipate it throughout your work week. It makes it very enjoyable when you do have time together. There is something to be said for having this appreciation.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Improve Your Life In The New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers!  

I hope your new year was amazing like mine. Its crazy how were in 2015 already! Time flies! This year its time to make changes for the best of you. New Year, New You! Do you need to make some small changes to improve your life? Most of us never keep our New Year Resolutions, probably because they're not realistic or because they're too ambitious. But you can make a positive difference to your life with simple, achievable steps. Here are some small changes to improve your life in the New Year …

Improve your Diet
One of the small changes to improve your life can be improving your diet. You don't have to make a drastic change; instead, focus on a few simple things. Introduce some organic products, eat more wholemeal bread, or eat some fruit every day. Also cut out some of the baddies. Save sodas for an occasional treat, and bake cakes instead of buying them, so you can still enjoy cakes but without additives.

Carry out your plans
Is there something you've been wanting to do, but never got around to? Make this the year that you follow through. Book that evening class you fancy, buy some art materials and start sketching, or smarten up your garden. Do something that you can really enjoy and look forward to.

Get A Great Cut
Never underestimate the power of a great new haircut! It can make you feel revitalized and like a new person - or a new, improved version of yourself. You could be bold and experiment with a new color or a completely different cut. It doesn't need to cost a lot - check out your local training school if you're on a budget. But when you get the right cut, you'll feel amazing.

De-clutter The House
It's hard to get motivated when your house is disorganized or messy, so work on tidying and organizing it. Since it's a new year, get rid of things that you no longer need, like or have a use for. Once your environment is fresher, you'll feel different. Once you've got rid of some of your unwanted possessions, work on anything that needs fixing. Make your home a place you love to be!

Get In Touch
Have you (like me) been meaning to get in touch with an old friend or relative all year? And now the year is over and you still haven't made that call? Pick up your phone and surprise your friend, or send them a message and invite them for a coffee. Reviving an old friendship could bring a very positive vibe to your life; at the very least you'll have an enjoyable hour or two in their company.

Learn To Relax
Lastly, learn how to relax. It's surprising how difficult we can find that! But it will do you a lot of good. Listen to meditation music or recordings, practice yoga or simply find time to switch off and let your thoughts wander wherever they want to go.